_COAST^ is an improvised exploration of electronic waves with no precise destination.

Sound generation and visual production are built on deeply interconnected layers resulting in an unique and mesmerizing experience. The relationship between the audio and the video - while being perceivable - is not immediately obvious, creating tension throughout the performance.

Immerse youself, as you would gazing at the waves crashing down on the sand trying to understand how each of them shape the coast line.

As for scoring the performance, the musical base is inspired by the ideas of the west coast - relying on stepped sequences and ratcheted gates, a tribute to artists like Tangerine Dream and the Berlin school.
Around this, ideas from the east coast are also integrated to manage uncertainty in the overall progression of the piece. This duality creates the musical tension and resolution in the score.

Taking root in the audio, the visuals immerse the spectator in the show with one more sensoriality by reinterpreting the musical tension using different techniques: a reworking of analogue signal, inspired by the precursor Nam June Paik, cinema archives, and a final layer of contemporary digital transformation.
The visual resolution teeters between immersion and Brechtian distancing effect.

All of this in subtle harmony with the sound, capturing the spectator's attention to deepen the experience.



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