is an improvised exploration of electronic waves with no precise destination.

Here you find the chronology of our experiments with machine based music and creating its visual response.


Loop & synthesis

Public performance in recording condition. Adding complexity and variation on the audio and video synthesis. The different layer boundaries get less and less perceptible.


Modular, mon amour

Deeper exploration of the modular capabilities. The video output now juggles with all the previously experimented technics.


Going Modular

Public performance with two projectors. The music is now made on a modular sythétiser allowing a deeper connection with the video synthesis.



First public performance, the video texture is generated by abstract video loops. The audio is this time sequenced by an improved version of the pure data sequencer.


Synthèse Vidéo

Video synthesis is introduced to provide a textural aspect of the video output. It also allows for another layer of connection with the audio setup. The hardware sequencer sends CV to the video synthesizer, an the grid is generated by the other end of the audio signal.

More on 032015.co


First Projection mapping

The grid is now abstracted through the projection mapping. The audio setup is the same.


First proof of concept

The grid is expended, it analyses the audio output, now generated only through hardware. Computers aren't involved for the music.


First documented experiment

Syncing music and video generation with pure data. The grid is a representation of the audio signal. The audio is generated by multiple hardware synthesizers, sequenced via a second pure data patch.


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